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A perfect storm of discontent

Posted by CountryFriedMama on Feb-17-2009

When George Clooney and Marky Mark were filming The Perfect Storm, Country-Fried Daddy and I were living in Gloucester, Massachusetts, the setting of the book and the film.  We had a tiny, fabulous apartment right on the inner harbor.

I remember sitting in front of our living room window one afternoon, with the telescope I had bought CFD for his birthday, watching George steer the Hollywood-version of the Andrea Gail out to sea, over and over and over again as a camera crew shot the scene from a helicopter.

Soon after the movie came out, “perfect storm” became a ridiculously overused phrase to describe every terrible situation.  Even having lived in the city that spawned the story, I couldn’t stand to hear this cliche.  I still can’t tolerate it, but today, I am forced to use it.

Country-Fried Daddy is off on a trip somewhere in the frozen North this evening.  When he called to see how our day was, I said, “craptastic,” but I could have been more articulate by saying, “It was a perfect storm of discontent.”

I am so congested I am having trouble sleeping.  Belly was up last night from 1-3 a.m. and again at 6 a.m.  Miss D. refused her nap this afternoon.

These three events whirled into a perfect storm of unhappiness in this house today.  The children were irritable.  I was irritable.  We irritated each other into further irritability.

Luckily, the end of our perfect storm was not a tragedy at sea, but a blissfully early bedtime for Belly and Miss D. and a cold beer for me.

I might have another.

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  1. KathyB! Said,

    Have another beer. I’m so SO sorry. Husbands should be forbidden from traveling when the kids are small. I tried to convince my own husband of this, but the Fortune 500 company who signs the paycheck probably wouldn’t have seen my point of view. It WILL get easier. I promise. And try some nasal spray for the congestion. It feels nasty going in, but BAM, instant sinus clarity :)

  2. CFD Said,

    You might have called it “The Winter of Our Discontent,” except that it (almost) never gets cold enough in Alabama to actually call it winter.

    They do have winter in Northern Ohio, incidentally, with sheets of ice coating the parking lot and everything.

  3. CountryFriedMama Said,

    That sounds craptastic, CFD.

  4. CountryFriedMama Said,

    KathyB!: You’re right. There should be a law about travel for daddies.

    I’m looking into the effects of mixing beer and nasal spray… :-)

  5. Amber Said,

    I am so sorry that your day was crappy. Boo. What are y’all doing tomorrow? Maybe we could let the kiddos run around somewhere and exhaust themselves.

  6. Bubbe Said,

    I’m sorry you had such a bad time. Are you feeling better today?

  7. ck Said,

    I was trying to figure out a clever way to shoe-horn in how I watched the crew shoot the restaurant scene from The Sixth Sense, but couldn’t. Oh well!

    And I hope you had that beer. As one who loves nose spray when sick, I’m pretty sure the two mix well.

  8. small house Said,

    Makes me tired reading. You roll called ahead of me in SITS so thought I’d stop by. Your kids are adorable. Hope your day goes a little better today.

  9. Gibby Said,

    Hope you are feeling better! We have a joke in our house that whenever Daddy is away, someone gets sick (and is up all night). I swear it never fails. I agree with Kathy B!, it does get easier as they get older. Kind of. Wait. Not really. :)

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