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Aw, shucks.

Posted by CountryFriedMama on Jan-26-2009

Thank you to MommaPeas and I’m a Mom!…? for tagging me with this lovely award.

No gift comes without a price, though.

The rules are: List 7 random things about yourself and pass it onto 7 honest bloggers.  (Those of you who know me from Facebook might recognize these.  Please forgive the duplication.)

1.  My first job out of college was as a feature reporter for a daily newspaper not far from where we live now. My salary was $18,000. Before I left, I got a raise: $19,000.

2. I am no longer a journalist. Guess why.

3. I was born in Boston. My grandfather was the doctor who delivered me. Think about that for a minute. Yuck.

4. I am a second-generation American.

5. My maternal grandparents spoke Spanish, but none of their children do. They used it to talk about secret matters in front of the kids.

6. I have been to Israel, Spain, Portugal and Canada. I have never been to Mississippi.

7. I want to go to Italy for my 10th wedding anniversary. My husband is invited to come with me.  My  kids are not.

And now I bestow this honor upon two (not seven, sorry) fine women who blog:

I’m Just Saying

Blooming in the South

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  1. Audrey Said,

    Go anywhere and everywhere else before you go to MS. It’s not even worth the gas to get there.

  2. CFD Said,

    Someone is going to get on the bad side of the Convention and Visitors Bureau ( Besides, I hear Oxford is nice.

  3. Jason Said,

    You’re 3rd gen

  4. CountryFriedMama Said,

    Nuh-uh. Mom is 1st gen, we’re second. Right? Am I missing something?

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